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Dussehra (Navratri) prasadam recipes

Dussehra (Navratri):

Navratri or the nine nights is the Indian festival of nine Holy nights which celebrates the victory of goddess Shakti over evil. The 9 nights of the festival celebrates 9 avatars of Goddess Shakti. The last day of Navratri is celebrated as Dussehra.

Dussehra (Navaratri) takes place at the beginning of October around harvest time and commonly called as Durga Puja in West Bengal.

In South India also this Dussehra (Navaratri) is celebrated with colorful lights, food and sweets. Golu is kept during Navratri all nine days to worship the ultimate goddess. Nineth day celebrated as Saraswati & Ayudha pooja and the last day is called as Vijayadashmi.
There is an interesting theory behind the arrangement of keeping dolls on the golu steps. The number of steps or padis are in odd numbers like 5 or 7 and the topmost step is allotted for the supreme gods.
The display carries themes from mythology like ten avatars of Lord Vishnu, Lord Krishna avatar with Radha and many ….in the lower steps come common figures like farmers and others important idols according to our creativity…
All nine days prasadam offered to God and served to the guests…
Let us see a few of my variety-rice and sweet recipes which can be offered as prasadam…
Happy Dussehra (Navaratri) to all of you…Let the festive joy spread in your homes ????

Naivedyam / Prasadam recipes:

Savory prasadam dishes: Sweets:

Dussehra/Navratri naivedyam savory recipes

Aval upma

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Sweet urad vada

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Javvarisi payasam | Javvarisi payasam with jaggery

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Lauki halwa

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Lemon Rice


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Medhu vada

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Moongdal kheer | Moongdal payasam | Pasiparupu payasam

Sweet aval | Coconut jaggery aval | Sweet avalakki

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Mysore bonda

Besan bonda




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